In the Blink of an Eye
Lyrics and music by Matt Scharpf

“Welcome to the world!” My first born – I had so many plans.
One day you went down your own path
Out the back through the Bonnie gate
To lollipops from the bank, broken bones, and wedding bands
My Son, words can not begin…

Intruded on your world You were nine years old we had to share your room.
Can you still see me Moo the Princess
With you on my Slip-n-slide
Or the coffee shop and her ring that one spring afternoon?
Oh I wouldn’t trade it for anything…

In the blink of an eye We’ve shared the years of your life
While pictures fade, our love remains, and there may be too much to say
We hope she colors your world inside…

Just an eighth grade girl A tender shadow wand’ring the halls where you were king
As time flew by fate gave another try
And brought you both back there again
All it took was a look and your soul began to sing
Her love, you were in to win…

What a three-year twirl! Gummy bears, John Mayer, sushi bars that know your name
And that night near the Shedd, though a tad upset
Your love chose to take your ring
‘Cuz together tomorrow gets better with each today.
Our wish: always live your love affair…

‘Cuz in the blink of an eye
You’ll spend the years of your lives
Pictures will fade, love will remain, and just one look will say,
“You’ve always colored my world inside.”
Side by side, man and wife…

© Matthew Scharpf
©2004 - 2007 My Gift is My Song, Terms of Use