Paper Knights
Music and lyrics by Matthew Scharpf

As in tales of wooden boats and iron men
Five brothers by a code vowed to defend
The honor of their sister, maiden so fair.

Plied this trade by yanking her chains
Spying, prying, being incessant pains,
The princess turned prisoner lived in quiet disrepair.

Plagued by waves of testosterone,
The girl yearned to be a girl on her own,
Far from the taunts and punches of her fated kin.

But as she struggled and strained to be free
She'd slip off her beam or bash her spidered knee.
As siblings smirk, she'd just laugh and flash them a humble, silly grin.

Dressed in lace, smiling face,
With brazen boys was she graced.
Clad in grocery bags, they're around her tight,
They pose proudly waving their swords of cellophane.
Thus began the tale of her Paper Knights.

She broke the chains of her fraternal Alcatraz.
So the rogues retired from calling her "Spaz!"
Moved their sights from the princess to any calling prince.

From icy blacktops to hot summer shows,
Duels were dared even in Mexican discos,
Puffed out chests and empty threats hoped for
someone to give just an inch.

Uncut gem trashed by their scorn.
The suitor slain, she silently forlorn
And finally knows it's not her, it's only them.

Her mouth agape, she glares in distaste
At brazen boys who don't know their place
As they delight in another's plight
But guilty groans and sullen shrugs betray all their gruff.
Not that tough, just Paper Knights.

Cruising down the street while singing Why-Aye-Oh.
Turning off your chick mix just for show.
Dancing madly to cheers in a restaurant parking lot.

A stairwell in Bangkok washed away their strife
Her Cupid ways brought him a Vandy wife.
Mental snapshots shared by brothers who now know
that they’ve got.

Sharing tales of days of yore,
She laughs a laugh that all of them adore
And now a life with a magic man has just begun.

Disarmed by the one they swore to defend
This white-silk knight seems to transcend
All the schoolboy games and today rides off towards
her setting sun.

Steady pace, radiant face,
Down the aisle her groom awaits.
Cardboard swords are out of sight.
Men pose proudly—parchment armor torn affray,
But we humbly stay your paper knights.

© Matthew Scharpf
©2004 - 2007 My Gift is My Song, Terms of Use